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VI Youths as Keepers of the Flame Project

VI Youths as Keepers of the Flame Project, a five-panel mural, is a collaborative project by world-renowned artist Mark Feijao Milligan II, artist/educator Danica M.  David,  curator Monica Marin, and students of St. Croix Educational Complex High School's 21st Century Summer Program. The names of the students who assisted in The Keepers of the Flames five-panel mural are Malik Stevens, Jayla John, A'Nyra Richards, Alyna Richards, Alexander Polydore Jr, Zuma Nisbett, Jayda Patrick, along with educator Mrs. Eloise A. Henry.

The first panel depicts General Buddhoe blowing the conch shell, alerting enslaved St. Croix Africans of their freedom at  Fort Frederik in 1848. Above them is a silhouette of the moon which depicts a similar moon in the sky on that day. It is uncertain whether it happened during the day or the night, but the moon is referenced quite often.

The second panel shows the cutlass. The textures on this cutlass are reminiscent of an authentic cutlass, and the monochromatic shades of red and white represent the Danish flag.

The third panel features the three queens of the Fireburn of 1878 with Queen Mary, Queen Agnes, and Queen Mathilda. Above them, the color white with hints of red represent flames. At the very top, a high horizon depicts a plantation or crops on fire. You have the blue as the land, the white as the flame coming off, and the red as the smoke and the air.

The fourth panel has a conch shell image. The conch shell is an item that was used for calling. For example, Buddhoe used it to contact those who weren't nearby. The fifth panel represents the modern day of 2023, featuring profiles of a  young woman and a young man. Flames along the upper right signify that the modern-day youths are the Keepers of the Flame now and in the future. 


This project was made possible by DPNR's Divison of Libraries, Archives, and Museum's Curator Monica Marin, Director Amy De Sorbo, The Virgin Islands 175th  Emancipation Commemoration Committee Chairwoman Carol Burke, ECC's Subcommittee on Education and Public Display Chair Akeem McIntosh, SCECHS Principal Rodney Moorehead,  Commissioner of Education Dionne Wells-Hedrington, Governor Albert Bryan Jr., and Lieutenant Governor Tregenza Roach.


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