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Spreading Joy in St. Croix: "Stick With A Smile" Initiative

On April 24th, a heartwarming workshop occurred at St. Croix Educational Complex High School (SCECHS) in room C-103. Ms. Danica David teamed up with Ms. Chaselle McConnell, the Language Arts Department chair and St. Croix District Teacher of the Year. Together, they launched the art creation portion of McConnell's "Stick With A Smile" initiative, a project created by SCECHS junior achievers under Ms. McConnell's guidance.

The "Stick With A Smile" initiative is about spreading positivity across the U.S. Virgin Islands. The process begins with creating cheerful stickers, each featuring an uplifting message. These vibrant and encouraging stickers are meticulously designed to uplift spirits and serve as gentle reminders that a smile and a kind word can make a significant difference, particularly in challenging times. The joy and warmth they bring are palpable, spreading a wave of positivity wherever they go.

Inspired by the workshop, Ms. David, SCECHS Fine Arts Department Chairperson, and local artist designed a sticker logo for bags she gives away as gifts. The circular design entails a rooster crowing in front of the sun and in the middle of two palm trees entitled " Cock-A-Doodle-Doo, Rise and Shine" placed on brown bags filled with delightful treats from Gary's Bakery in Downtown Christiansted. Each bag contained tarts of guava, coconut, or pineapple, adding a sweet touch to the gesture of spreading joy.

Ms. McConnell's dedication to fostering a positive community shines through this initiative. Her leadership has empowered David and students and transformed this idea into a meaningful movement. The workshop was a testament to this transformation, as students crafted messages of hope and joy, inspiring all who witnessed their creativity.

As the "Stick With A Smile" stickers and treats are distributed throughout the community, their impact is undeniable. Each sticker and tart brings a smile and a touch of warmth, a powerful reminder of the strength of kindness. The collaborative efforts of Ms. McConnell, Ms. David, and the junior achievers have made a difference, as St. Croix is now basking in a wave of positivity." "Stick With A Smile" initiative reflects Mc Connell's character; I love this idea so much that I plan to design more for the businesses," David cheerfully shared.

Look for a "Stick With A Smile" sticker—they're spreading joy, one smile, and one treat at a time! We also invite you to join us in this initiative. Design your own uplifting stickers or distribute the ones we've created in your communities. Together, we can spread even more positivity across the U.S. Virgin Islands!


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