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Meet Ms. Alafia Flenyol: SCECHS Fine Arts Department Music Teacher

Ms. Alafia Flenyol, St. Croix Educational Complex High School Music Teacher

1. Tell Me About Yourself and your background before becoming a teacher.

My name is Alafia B. Flenyol. I am an alumna of St. Croix Central High School. As a student, I honed my interest in music. I was a part of the concert band, marching band, and small ensembles from my freshman year until I graduated in 2011. Upon graduation, I decided to take a break from school. I started attending the University of the Virgin Islands in the Fall of 2012. My experience that very first semester went horrible, so I dropped out right after. I lived for a few years until I decided to re-enroll at UVI beginning in the Spring 2016 semester. Fast forward to May 2020, when I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Music Education.

2. When did you begin teaching at SCECHS?

I began teaching at SCECHS in September 2021 as a substitute teacher. I started teaching full-time in August 2022.

3. Why did you decide to pursue a teaching career?

I have always loved learning new ideas and concepts. I also loved sharing my knowledge with my peers. As a teacher, I can now share my knowledge with my peers and the new generation of learners.

4. What Is Your Greatest Strength?

My greatest strength as a teacher is my open-mindedness. This allows me to connect with my students in a way that allows them to be themselves around me. This opens the doors for learning much broader.

5. What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

My greatest weakness is that I can sometimes be too self-critical. I sometimes feel like I haven’t done enough. I’ve learned to combat this by documenting progress and setting SMART goals.

6. How Do You Handle Stress and Pressure?

As a musician, I have learned to channel immediate stress and pressure into productivity. Outside of productivity to relieve stress, I go to the movie theater at least once a week. Thursdays are when the new movies arrive.

7. What is one thing you want everyone to know about you?

One thing I want everyone to know is that my classroom will always be a safe space for everyone.


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