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To celebrate the upcoming Centennial Anniversary of the United States Virgin Islands in 2017, the Virgin Islands Cultural Contributors Calendar Creation and Theatrical Performance collaborative project was developed by St. Croix Educational Complex’s Visual Arts educator Danica David and Drama and Speech educator Sayeeda Carter. The project involves an interactive learning experience for SCECHS students and participants in the community who are actively contributing to the development of Virgin Islands culture. Ms. David and Ms. Carter developed this idea so that on a yearly basis students in the Virgin Islands can learn about individuals who are aiding in the advancement of Virgin Islands culture. The Virgin Islands Cultural Contributors Calendar Creation and Theatrical Performance collaborative project is also a fundraiser.

The criteria of a Virgin Islands Cultural Contributor are as follows:

· A native or resident of the Virgin Islands for a minimum of 15 years or more.

· An active contributor to the development of Virgin Islands culture through fine arts, education, literature, and history in the past or present.

· Thriving and still living in the US Virgin Islands.

Ms. Danica David’s SCEC Art Club students will photograph or use provided photographs of selected participants to create mixed media (collage and watercolor) portrait paintings. Ms. Sayeeda Carter’s Drama and Speech students will interview selected participants. Participants will be asked questions modeled from Vanity Fair Magazine’s Proust Questionnaire. Monologues and or short scenes will be created based on participants' responses. The completed students artwork and Proust Questionnaire interview responses will be utilized to create the twelve month Virgin Islands Cultural Contributors Calendar. The culminating event will be an art exhibition, theatrical performance, and reception. Ms. David and Ms. Carter are dedicated educators who are committed to teaching students about the importance of Virgin Islands culture

This is Ms. David’s second school year with SCECHS. During school year 2015/2016 she was an artistic mentor to her student Masa Ito, who won the Congressional Art Award. Ms. Carter has been with St. Croix Educational Complex for six years and was voted SCECHS Teacher of the Year during that same school year.

Artwork by Zaquira Carti, Graphic Design by Ms. Danica David

(L-R) Ms. Danica David, Ms. Sayeeda Carter

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