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During the months of February to May 2016, Ms. David’s Advanced Art students and fellow educator Dwaydale Dariah’s Sculpture and Ceramic students collaborated on a project called the Barra Mocko Jumbie Virtue Project. The word barra is associated with the school’s mascot which is a barracuda. The inspiration for the project began in February after Kendal Henry, the director of Percent for Art Program at the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs gave a lectured in David’s class about public art projects. Mr. Henry is a Virgin Islands native and an expert on developing public art projects in numerous countries around the world. After Henry’s visit students began developing ideas for a public art project to display on SCECHS campus. David also shared her idea about creating murals with mocko jumbles holding flags displaying virtuous words. Ashely Challenger one of David’s students came up with the title Barra-Virtue. Following, the Advanced Art students began the mural by outlining the the body of Evin Benjamin on an eight feet by four feet board. Kelsey Sealey, Shaddea Philips, Merina McIntyre, Queana Mitchell, Masa Ito, and Khalil Cyril drew and painted the mocko jumbie image with a solid color yellow colored jumpsuit and red background. Ms. David and her students brainstormed once again and decided to have a mocko jumbie costume design contest for the St. Croix Educational Complex High School faculty and staff. During the Fine Arts department faculty and staff meeting in April, English educator, Ms. Anika Johnson’s design won the contest.

Afterwards, Mr. Dariah’s Sculpture and Ceramic students Nikayla Williams, Stephanie Vigilant, Naeem Sealey, Jhalyrah Samuel, Emmanuel Rojas, Shakeema Richmond, Yerania Martinez, Matteo Harry, Fatina Geeau, Adio Francis, Carlos Figueroa, Naychalee Davis, Tejah Browne, Tequanya Bradshaw, and Genevieve Andrews painted on Ms. Johnson’s design. In the latter part of May, the completed Barra Virtue Moko Jumbie Project mural was revealed during St. Croix Educational Complex’s twentieth anniversary Week of activities.

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(L-R) Ms. Johnson, Ms. David, and Mr. Dariah

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