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In Ms. David’s art class, we learned how to draw the face. First, we began by drawing an oval shape for the face. Next, we drew a vertical line down the middle of the face. Then, continued with a horizontal line halfway down the middle of the face. On the horizontal middle line we drew five almond shaped eyes. The space between the eyes must be the same in length and width. To have the correct proportion one of the eyes was in the center. After we drew the eyes with right proportion, we erased the center eye almond shape and the other almond shapes. Halfway between the eyes and the chin we drew the nose and halfway between the nose and the chin we drew the mouth. The nose width should be the same as the corner of both eyes. The ears are located between the top of the eyes and the bottom of the nose.

After drawing the basic outline, you may erase all the guidelines and begin with creating a more realistic portrait. Shading technique should be added to accentuate facial details. The more shading we did the more realistic our portraits looked. When drawing a female face, her neck should be smaller because in most real life situations that is the case, and the male necks are just a little wider. Also a man’s hairline should not be too low and the hair must also go outside the boundaries of the head to make.

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