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Igniting Creativity: Fireburn Commemorative Art at St. Croix Educational Complex High School

Under the guidance and support of visual Arts educators at St. Croix Educational Complex High School, Ms. Danica David and Mr. Dwydale Dariah, students collaborated to craft stunning props and paintings for the United Caribbean Association (UCA) Production 1878 Commemorative Program. This program marked the 145th Anniversary of the Labor Revolution, known as the "Fireburn," and occurred on Sunday, October 1st, 2023, at 5:00 p.m. Additionally, Ms. Sayeeda Carter's Drama Class presented an evocative skit as part of the event.

In Ms. David and Mr. Dariah's art classes, numerous students enthusiastically participated in the creation process. Most contributed to the intricate construction of papier-mâché sugar cane bills and fire torches, essential symbols of the Fireburn. Several students were also involved in producing three large-scale paintings inspired by Ms. Danica David's artwork, the triptych "Fireburn: St. Croix Virgin Islands Queens," which vividly captured the essence and historical significance of the revolution.

The following students collaborated with Ms. David and Mr. Dariah: Kyshawn Alexander, Ajai Allen, Haneef Bahar, Kiara Baptiste, Selena Clercent, Mydelis D'Paula Posada, Theairra Forbes, Kiara Gumbs, Armani John, Nehemiah Marsh, K'Layah Parris, Safirah Peter, Jenne C. Ragguette, Te'Quan Richards, Yanisha Wilfred, Sheniya Bridgewater, Nathalia Bryan, Nikoia Chinnery, Imani Flavius, K'Jyrah Harper, Mah'Kaijah Jean, Akeelah Joseph, Jermia Phillip, Marcos Torres, Josiah Victor, Steshema Auguste, Adrian Encarnacion, Ianna Philbert, Hezekiah Philip, Eliezer Ramirez, Riyanna Sutton, Axaria Thomas, Kiembrance Thomas, K'Zia Dornelly, Sa'Niyah Feliciano, Jahnaiy Rodriquez, Alicea Burke, Aidan Jackson, Abyjah Evans, Shadeyah DeCastro, Talalah Crispin, Grace Martin, Isolde Diaz, Daija Hall, and Ray Belardo.

Through this collaborative effort, the students not only showcased their artistic talents but also delved deeper into their cultural heritage. The Fireburn Commemorative Program was not just a memorable event, but also an enlightening journey that fostered a stronger connection to our shared history and culture.


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