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World-Renowned Artist Celso González Inspires St. Croix Educational Complex Students in Mosaic Art Workshop

St. Croix Educational Complex's students in Ms. Danica David's Photography class had the privilege of participating in an all-day workshop with world-renowned artist Celso González, on September 28th. They learned the art of creating mosaics. The workshop was sponsored by the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts and made possible by Mrs. Jessicag Parker-White and Mrs. Lisa Mordhorst. The participating students were Sheniya Bridgewater, Nikoia Chinnery, Imani Flavius, K'Jyrah Harper, Mah'Kaijah Jean, Akeelah Joseph, Jermia Phillip, Marcos Torres, and Josiah Victor."Having Celso González here was an incredible opportunity for our students," said Ms. David, the photography teacher. "His passion and expertise were truly inspiring. I was so thankful for his visit that I couldn't resist joining in and participating in the workshop myself!"

Celso González, is presently a part of CMCA's Absolutamente Negro Exhibition. González was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. From an early age, he was motivated to create monumental murals, applying his art studies in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, and architecture in Sci-Arc, California. He has already made numerous exhibitions in countries as diverse as Puerto Rico, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, the United States, Italy, France, and Taiwan. He also develops in scenography, illumination, film work, furniture design, and construction.

Celso's art is reflective. It is an introspective work, always honoring his Loiceña and Rio Grande roots, where some of the magic that abounds in his compositions germinates. Although he feels more inclined to interpretation and abstract experimentation today, his earlier work uses allegorical symbolisms to their roots, such as the vejigante, the popular culture masks, the baquiné and bomba, and plena, among others. More than nostalgia, Celso celebrates where he came from, where he has gone, and where he is going.

For the past eight years, Celso has been working on a commission of the government of Puerto Rico, developing around forty public art projects that can be appreciated in monumental murals throughout the island.

To view his large-scale mosaics, visit his Instagram account @celsoart.


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